Scholarships for musicians

Scholarship for musicians

If you wish to be enrolled into musical education and complete an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in some other field at the same time, some universities can provide you this opportunity. For example, Bournemouth University, UK, provides several grants for talented undergraduate or postgraduate students, wishing to continue their musical education during the study period. The grant can be spent on the music lessons, instruments, new music for your collection or concert costumes. The grant can be provided to any UK or international student who wish to develop as a musician or  vocalist and show willingness to be involved in ensemble activity. Relevant experience is also mandatory; candidates should provide recommendation letters from their Director of Music, music teacher, vocal coach or conductor. This scholarship will cover expenses for music education during the whole period of study.

Successful candidates will participate in musical concerts and other university events.

Study grants like this one can be a wonderful decision for students wishing to complete a degree in academic area while studying music and developing their talents, so they will get a prestigious education and concert experience from one of the leading universities of United Kingdom.
Please visit the profile of Bournemouth University on our website to find this program if you are interested in this or other scholarships from this university.




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