Students life in Norway

life in Norway

Being a student in Norway can never be boring. This country can offer you a lifetime experience with no matter what hobbies or interests you have. If you love wild nature and its pure beauty, you can easily find it even if you live in a big city. However, if you feel like more urban, there are always many cultural and entertainment events you can visit.

Today more and more students in Norway get involved into different welfare organizations. Local student welfare organizations offer various activities from health and sports to cultural events. One becomes a member upon payment a semester fee, which is not very high. The main directions of the welfare organization are counseling, a mental health service, canteens, student accommodation and sports facilities/activities. Most foreign student studying in Norway, highly recommend others to join one.

Moreover, when in Norway, you should take any opportunity to discover wildlife and nature in this country as it considered to be unique. Most cities in Norway have Tourist Office that will provide you with information about sightseeing, touristic routes and necessary equipment. There are also different students unions that organize different group-hiking tours almost every weekend. What could be lovelier than to walk into the mountains with a friend then?




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