Why Gender Studies?

Why study Gender Studies?

Gender Studies is a very intensive and interdisciplinary program, so after getting a degree in Gender Studies you will become an expert in a lot of disciplines, including social studies, politology, law, literature, history, and psychology, as you study all of them in feminist perspective.

A degree in Gender Studies opens a wide range of opportunities for its graduates. Gender Studies students receive a variety of useful skills, including reading, writing, and oral communication skills, ability to analyze complex texts, research and teamwork skills, empathy and solving problems ability. These skills can be useful in any area connected with communication with people.

Gender Studies graduates are not tied to a specific career field, like they would be if they completed a degree in an applied discipline.

Some graduates start volunteer activity after receiving a degree in Gender Studies, for example, in charities or non-profit organisations working with refugees and immigrants. Graduates can also start career in women’s associations or in governmental organisations connected to education and media. Career path in social work or human resources is also available.

Some graduates work in media as journalists and editors.

Those who wish to continue education, can choose the following research fields besides Gender Studies: Social Work, Education, Public Service, Law, Marketing, Art and Humanities, Media, Social Justice and Advocacy or Human Resources.




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