Why study Nursing?

An important profession

Nursing is a very challenging profession, which requires a lot of inner strength, courage and love to people and willingness to  help them.  The profession of a nurse is suitable only for very  physically and mentally strong people, who feel that their mission is to help people and alleviate their suffering. But nursing is one of the most important profession on Earth - that is why it requires so much effort.

Transferrable skills

Besides core practical skills needed in nursing profession, a degree in Nursing studies provides its graduates some basic knowledge background in social sciences, psychology, health science, which will be useful in many professions besides Nursing. Graduates can also continue their education in related to Nursing area. With a lot of available courses and licences, you can improve your career in Nursing without quiting your job.

Short education

One of the advantages of studying Nursing is that you can start your career after completing a Bachelor degree and receiving a licence. Sometimes even a Bachelor degree is not required - an Undergraduate Diploma or Associate Degree is enough. An education can be completed in special nursing schools, medical institutions or regular universities. Beside usual courses, study program in Nursing usually includes an internship in healthcare institutions, which provides all needed work experience.




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