Women's Studies

Women’s Studies

Women’s Studies in an interdisciplinary program, which is sometimes mentioned as the sub-discipline of Gender Studies.

The main statement of women’s studies is that gender is social construct. Women’s Studies examines connections between sex and gender with emphasis on women and femininity, explores traditional and feminist views of women, explores structures of power and their relationships with race, gender, sexuality nationality and other factors which cause social inequality.

Women’s Studies is rather young discipline: the first course was taught in 1969 at Cornell University. Nowadays Bachelors, Masters and PhD programs in Women’s Studies are available (the first Ph.D. program in Women's Studies was taught in 1990).

Students wishing to get a degree in Women’s Studies should choose one of the universities in US. The following list includes all universities teaching Women’s Studies: University Of California, Emory University, the University of Michigan, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New York. Women’s Studies programs are also taught in several universities of Canada and Europe, such as Central European University in Hungary,

Acadia University in Canada, University of Lancaster in UK, etc. All these universities also provide a huge range of scholarships and fellowships in order to support the best students. The full list of world leading universities hosting Women’s Studies program can be found on our website.

After completing the study program, graduates can continue the education and work as a scholar in their university or independently, or start their career in variety of social institutions, non-governmental organizations, political parties and foundations. Some graduates of Women’s Studies work as teachers.




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