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  • English
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  • 36 月


    The world in this new century is increasingly international. This is an ideal major for students who are interested in combining the breadth of global knowledge offered by international relations coursework and the skills acquired in business courses. You will learn to recognize, analyze and evaluate the role of major players, structures, and processes in business and politics.

    Duration: Six semesters/three years (Summer Fast Track option available)

    Credits: 192 ECTS/140 CH

    Start Dates: October, February, June, August

    Locations: Barcelona, Munich, Geneva, Montreux

    Teaching Language: English

    Campus Exchange Programs: You can transfer to any of the four main campuses after any completed semester. We also have exchange programs with a long list of other universities around the world. Please see the list of our partners.

    Double Degrees: When studying an undergraduate degree at European University you can also obtain:

    • A second bachelor’s degree from Nichols College in the U.S.A. through our Dual BBA program with Nichols College;
    • A second bachelor’s degree from Shinawatra International University in Thailand through our Dual BBA program with SIU.

    Internships: EU has departments on each campus to help students procure internships.

    A degree in International Relations can lead to a wide range of jobs, in arenas such as public services (civil service, local government, public corporations, hospital management, etc), social services (child care, youth employment, probation, etc), advertising, journalism, radio and television, and positions such as management traineeships in industry, banking, insurance and with research agencies.

    With expertise in area studies, foreign policy, international organizations and regimes, peace and conflict studies, political theory and terrorism and political violence, many graduates are well-equipped for jobs in the foreign services and armed services. Careers in international business, as well as in the media and research, would also be a natural progression.

    Some graduates put their special skills of political analysis to direct use in the Home and European civil services, political research units, aid agencies and journalism. Others go into industry, commerce, banking and the City. Even here, the global reach of many enterprises provides graduates in International Relations with an opportunity to make their particular education count.

    Detailed Course Facts

    Application deadline Admissions on a rolling basis. Tuition fee
    • EUR 4750 Semester (EEA)
    • EUR 4750 Semester (Non-EEA)

    For semesters one and two: 4,750 For semesters three to six; 5,750

    Start date February,June,August,October 2015 Fall Semester: October 6, 2014 Spring Semester: February 2, 2015 Summer Semester 1: June 1, 2015 Summer Semester 2: August 3, 2015 Credits (ECTS) 192 ECTS

    Credits: 192 ECTS/140 CH

    Duration full-time 36 months Languages Take an IELTS test
    • English
    Delivery mode On Campus Educational variant Part-time, Full-time Intensity Flexible More information Go To The Course Website

    Course Content

    The BA in International Relations is a six-semester program that prepares and encourages students to recognize, analyze and evaluate the role of major players, structures and processes in business and politics. It will also help students to understand some of the forces affecting our lives in a rapidly globalizing, interdependent world.

    Learning how to analyze information gathered from reliable sources is central to the specialization. Students will also learn how to effectively share insights and analysis with others.

    The major is considered excellent training for careers in government and the diplomatic service, as well as international organizations, non-governmental organizations and law. It also provides a good foundation for understanding current affairs and can help prepare students for many other professions.


    • Show an appreciation of contemporary global issues and how they relate to the international market that will propel you into a management position.
    • Sharpen political-thinking skills through real case study analysis and problem-solving approaches.



    • BCO111 - Foundations of Business Management (3|4)
    • BCO112 - Marketing Management (3|4)
    • BCO113 - Writing Communication Skills (3|4)
    • BCO114 - Accounting I (3|4) BCO115 - Micro Economics (3|4)
    • BCO116 - Elementary Calculus (2|3)
    • BCO117 - IT Software for Business (2|3)
    • BCO118 - Environmental Sustainability (2|3)
    • Seminars/Industrial Visits (1|1)


    • BCO121 - Ethics in Business (3|4)
    • BCO122 - Oral Communication Skills (3|4)
    • BCO123 - Accounting II (3|4)
    • BCO124 - Macro Economics (3|4)
    • BCO125 - Business Law (3|4)
    • BCO126 - Mathematics of Finance (2|3)
    • BCO127 - Applied Management Statistics (2|3)
    • BCO128 - Advertising, Media & Branding (2|3)
    • Seminars/Industrial Visits (1|1)



    • BCO211 - Strategic Marketing (3|4)
    • BCO212 - Business Finance I (3|4)
    • BCO213 - Human Resources Management (2|3)
    • BCO214 - Production Management (2|3)
    • BCO215 - Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation (2|3)
    • BCO216 - Management Information Systems (2|3)
    • BCO217 - E-Business (2|3)
    • BAI211 - Cross-Cultural Business Issues (2|3)
    • BAI212 - International Relations (2|3)
    • Seminars/Industrial Visits (1|1)


    • BCO221 - Global Economics (3|4)
    • BCO222 - Business Finance II (3|4)
    • BCO223 - Social Marketing Media (3|4)
    • BCO224 - Financial Markets (2|3)
    • BCO225 - Consumer Behavior (2|3)
    • BCO226 - Sales & Purchasing Management (2|3)
    • BAI221 - Political Science (2|3)
    • BAI222 - International Organizations (2|3)
    • BAI223 - Diplomacy & Foreign Policy (2|3)
    • Seminars/Industrial Visits/Thesis Seminar (1|1)



    • BCO311 - Global Business (3|4)
    • BCO312 - Financial Statement Analysis (3|4)
    • BCO313 - Negotiation (2|3)
    • BCO314 - Small Business Management (2|3)
    • BCO315 - Corporate Finance (2|3)
    • BCO316 - Industrial Marketing (2|3)
    • BAI311 - Global Economic Geography (2|3)
    • BAI312 - Theories of International Relations (2|3)
    • BAI313 - Conflict Management (2|3)
    • Seminars/Industrial Visits/Thesis Seminar (1|1)


    • BCO321 - Strategic Management (3|4)
    • BCO322 - Budgeting & Control (3|4)
    • BCO323 - Organizational Communication (2|3)
    • BCO324 - Cases in Marketing (2|3)
    • BAI321 - Cases in International Relations (2|3)
    • BAI322 - Social, Company & State Protocol (2|3)
    • BAI323 - Development Studies (2|3)
    • BAI324 - International Law (2|3)
    • BAI325 - International Peace & Security (2|3)
    • Thesis Seminar (1|1)
    • Final Case: Marketing (3|3)
    • Final Case: International Relations (3|3)
    • Thesis (6|6)



    English Language Requirements

    IELTS band : 6 TOEFL paper-based test score : 550 TOEFL iBT® test : 80

    To study at this university, you have to speak English. We advice you to

    take an IELTS test.



    A diploma from an accredited secondary school equivalent to:

    • Certification from an accredited secondary school; High School Degree; Baccalauréat; Maturité Fédérale; Deutsches Abitur; A-levels; Bachillerato or equivalent.

    English Requirements

    Unless you are a native English speaker, you must submit a certificate of English proficiency:

    • TOEFL score 213 (computer based), 79/80 (internet based) or 550 (paper based). Institute code 0476
    • IELTS score 6.0
    • Cambridge ESOL, Certificate in Advanced English (CAE), minimum C
    • EU's internal English exam

    Work Experience

    No work experience is required.

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