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  • Tuition Fee:
  • Local: n/a
  • Foreign: $ 1.66k / 1 year
  • 教授言語:
  • English
  • Deadline:
  • 27 5月 2016
  • StudyQA ranking:
  • 1631pts.
  • Duration:
  • 3 years


    Hosted by the Mathematics Department, this programme aims at training high level researchers in advanced areas of applied mathematics. Since a successful approach to practical applications depends on a deep understanding of real-world phenomena as well as on the knowledge of mathematical tools for their description, Ph.D. candidates are expected to go thoroughly both into modelling and methodological aspects.

    • Advances in Statistics
    • Advances in Numerical Analysis
    • Advances in Finance Engineering 
    • Seminar course specific for the doctorate 
    • Advances in Decision Making  
    • Research Management
    • Scientific Communication in English 


    The preparation of a Ph.D. thesis is the qualifying activity of the Ph.D. programme. It allows students to develop leading-edge research competencies and to produce an original scientific contribution on a topic of significance for scientific debate and of interest for the business world.



    • Online admission procedure
    • Have obtained a Laurea Magistrale in Italy (or equivalent qualifications that are valid for admission to PhD programmes) with a final mark no lower than 95/110 or 86/100;
    • • In case of qualifications obtained abroad, have the minimum average score in exams indicated in the appendix to the call; (attachment 1). For the Countries not included in this list, the evaluation 
    • Research project
    • Health insurance
    • CV 
    • Language certificates (English).IELTS ≥ 6, TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) internet based (total score) ≥ 78, TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) paper based (total score) ≥ 547, TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) computer based (total score) ≥ 210.


    For the three-year duration of their studies, PhD candidates may be supported by scholarships.

    Scholarships vary from € 1000 to € 1500, the amount depends on the proposed research topic. Scholarship holders receive a tuition fees waiver; they will have to pay a small administrative fee for registration (€ 185,58 per year).

    Those having benefited from a scholarship for a Ph.D. course, even partially, may not apply for a second time.

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