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    The Sports Management MBA at EU Business School is an interdisciplinary program designed to teach management skills such as sports marketing and management, sports advertising, media relations and sports sponsorship programs. The industry offers diverse and dynamic opportunities ranging from involvement in professional sports to managing events and private, public and corporate health and fitness clubs.

    Increasing awareness of fitness and wellness and the popularity of professional sports results in marketing and media opportunities and sponsorships. Sporting events, whether they are small local competitions or large events with worldwide exposure, require professional managers to ensure maximum benefit for all stakeholders.

    The curriculum is designed to prepare students for a wide range of managerial positions in sport-related fields.

    Duration: Three terms

    Credits: 72 ECTS/57 CH

    Start Dates: October, January, March

    Locations: Barcelona, Munich, Geneva, Montreux

    Teaching Language: English

    Campus Exchange Programs: You can transfer to any of the four main campuses after any completed term. We also have exchange programs with a long list of other universities around the world. Please see the list of our partners.

    Double Degrees: When studying a graduate degree at European University you can also obtain a second master’s degree from Nichols College in Massachusetts.

    Career Counseling: EU has departments on each campus to help students find jobs in their field of study.

    The sports market is expanding in countries which are experiencing strong economic growth, such as China, Russia, Brazil and India, as well as other Asian, African, Middle Eastern and Latin American countries.

    Important international sporting events are taking place worldwide. Examples include the Rio de Janeiro and Sochi Olympic Games and the Football World Cup in Brazil, Russia and Qatar.

    The sports market is often identified through its media and commercial activities. It is breaking ground through the incorporation of various sectors into areas of the business world:

    • Development of new sport-related media
    • Optimization of new sports facilities
    • Expansion of online games and betting
    • Sports, the environment and sustainable development
    • Sports organization within companies
    • Charity sports and sponsorship
    • Sports ethics and society

    Students gain the knowledge necessary to become successful sports managers, through case study research, industrial visits and routine networking with professional sports industry professionals, in addition to the managerial training they receive in a classroom setting.

    Core Courses

    TERM 1 (18CH/23ECTS)

    • MCO 101 - Management Skills (3|4)
    • MCO 102 - Organizational Behavior (3|4)
    • MCO 103 - Managerial Accounting (3|4)
    • MCO 104 - Marketing (3|4)
    • MCO 105 - Quantitative Business Methods (3|4)
    • MCO 106 - Negotiation (seminar) (1|1)
    • MCO 107 - Business Law (seminar) (1|1)
    • Industrial Visits and Invited Managers' Lectures (1|1)

    TERM 2 (18CH/23ECTS)

    • MCO 201 - Finance (3|4)
    • MCO 202 - Human Resources Management (3|4)
    • MCO 203 - Global Economics (3|4)
    • MCO 204 - Strategic Management (3|4)
    • MCO 205 - Management Information Systems (3|4)
    • MCO 206 - Communication Skills (seminar) (1|1)
    • MCO 207 - Job Career Planning (seminar) (1|1)
    • Industrial Visits and Invited Managers' Lectures (1|1)

    TERM 3 (15CH/20ECTS)

    • MSP 301 - Sports Marketing Management (3|4)
    • MSP 302 - Financial Management Applications to Sport (3|4)
    • MSP 303 - Sports Sponsorship (3|4)
    • MSP 304 - Sports Management Issues (3|4)
    • MSP 305 - Crafting Unique Sports Events (3|4)
    • Research Report (6|6)



    Diploma A bachelor degree from an accredited college or university.English Requirements Unless you are a native English speaker, you must submit a certificate of English proficiency.TOEFL score 213 (computer based), 79/80 (internet based) or 550 (paper based). Institute code 0476IELTS score 6.0Cambridge ESOL, Certificate in Advanced English (CAE), minimum CEU's internal English examRecommendations Submit 2 letters of recommendation from academic and/or professional sources familiar with your performance and potential for leadership. Any letter not written in English must be accompanied by a certified English translation. Applicants are recommended to use the PPI (Personal Potential Index) tool, available at for this purpose.In addition applicants must satisfy any 2 of the following criteria: A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0 (B average)A satisfactory score on the GMAT or GRE2 years or more of effective managerial or professional work experience which may include military dutyA personal interview with the Dean English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6 TOEFL paper-based test score : 550 TOEFL iBT® test: 80
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