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  • English
  • Deadline:
  • 3 4月 2017
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  • 2 years

    The Master of Urban Planning and Design-MUPD degree offers professional education in the the fields of urban planning and design. Graduates may ultimately apply their professional skills in various government agencies, private enterprises, or non-profit organizations within a variety of subject areas. The program is designed with a perspective that graduate education emphasizes the development of students’ abilities to analyze, assess, assimilate, and apply critical thinking in interdisciplinary planning and design processes. The course of study normally requires two years (four semesters) for completion, in addition to a summer session.

    The MUPD addresses the challenges of and opportunities for planning and designing cities. With cross-cutting concern for place, culture, environment, economics, history, and theory, the program capitalizes on the global experience of the city of Doha and aims to prepare graduates to be leaders in shaping urban environments across the region.

    First Year

    Planning Theory
    Urban Planning Legislation
    Urban and Regional Land Use
    Urban Economics
    Research & Statistics in Planning
    Computer Aided Planning

    Second Year: Track 1: Urban Design

    Sustainable Urban & Landscape Design
    Urban Design in Practice
    Evolution of Built Form & Townscapes
    Thesis in Urban Design
    (Research or Project Based)
    Qatar University
    College of Engineering
    Department of
    Architecture and Urban Planning
    Master in
    Urban Planning and Design

    Second Year: Track 2: Urban Planning

    Local and Regional Sustainability
    Urban Infrastructure Planning
    Housing Policies and Planning
    Thesis in Urban Planning
    (Research or Project Based)
    Elective Offerings
    - Cultural and Physical Aspects of the Islamic
    - Urban Renewal Planning
    - Theory on Urban Form and Design
    - Design and Regeneration
    - Urban Transportation Systems
    - City and Regional Planning in Arid Zones
    - Environmental Planning and Management
    - Techniques of Environmental Impact


    Admission Requirements

    All applicants to the Masters of Urban Planning and Design program who meet the following minimum criteria will be considered for admission to Qatar University: Eligible applicants are those who have Bachelor Degrees (BSc. or BA) degrees in built environment-related disciplines including, architecture, urban design, urban planning, regional planning, Urban geography, landscape architecture, interior architecture, construction engineering, and civil engineering.

    Admitted students would have achieved a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.80 (or equivalent) from a university or college accredited by an international accrediting association or by the Ministry of Higher Education or equivalent in that country.

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