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  • 24 月


    Some of the activities of an Environmental Engineering master are:

    * designing and managing water and wastewater treatment plants;
    * monitoring liquid waste disposal, gas emissions, water quality and air quality;
    * diagnosing contamination situations: sampling, analysis, data treatment, impact interpretation and analysis;
    * designing and managing waste treatment systems;
    * forecasting contaminants motion in the atmosphere, surface water, groundwater and soil;
    * designing and planning rehabilitation strategies of contaminated land;
    * industrial ecology and environmental management systems;
    * developing strategies to respond to emergency situations, such as oil spillage;
    * planning the execution, technical management and inspection of the above mentioned enterprises;
    * carrying out environmental impact studies related to the great engineering enterprises.

    The Integrated Masters in Environmental Engineering comprises a comprehensive training, which aims at providing an integrated, holistic and multidisciplinary vision to solve environmental problems, by developing students´ skills to forecast and identify harmful environmental effects and solve them technologically and integrate the solutions in a sustainable industrial and social development.


    * Complementary Area
    * Interp/Personal professional attitudes and capac.
    * Basic Sciences
    * Engineering Sciences
    * Design, Development, Implementation and Operation
    * Environmental Engineering
    * Environmental Management
    * Environmental Technology


    Please note: only foreign students who are or were registered in a higher education institution (even if they did not complete a degree) can apply to this study programme. The right option when applying online is Transfer.Documents: * For foreign Higher Education applicants: High School/K12 grade or equivalent grade (pre-university year) as well as the grade of the required subjects or of an equivalent national examination. * Certificate listing all the Higher Education courses completed, their duration (semester/year) and number of credit units/ECTS (required); * Certificate/declaration issued by the last Higher Education institution you were registered at, stating that you will not be time-barred due to periods of limitation in the academic year for which the application is being submitted.
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