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  • 28 2月 2016
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    · European Business and Finance

    A programme shared by three universities: Brno University of Technology (CZ), Nottingham Trent University (GB), and University of Economics in Katowice (PL).

    The students will gain knowledge and practical skills needed to work in senior management positions at EU-based enterprises.

    This multicultural and multilingual programme is a response to the fast changing European academic environment and reflects the Bologna process that is strongly supported by the British Higher Education Authorities.

    This programme has been jointly designed by all participating universities and is recognised in all participating countries as a full Master´s level academic degree.

    Students spend their firstyear at Brno University of Technology, in the Czech Republic or University of Economics, Katowice, in Poland and the first half of the second year at NottinghamBusiness School, Nottingham Trent University in the UK.

    The joint MSc degree in European Business and Finance will:
    * provide students with skillsto communicate effectively with both the academic and the business communities;
    * promote a critical and analytical approach to the use of information in multilingual and multicultural business situations;
    * develop students ability to design and implement a research project based onup-to-date knowledge and practical experience of the business environment;
    * improve career development and promotion prospects for future European
    * develop students comprehensive understanding of a European financespecialised area.

    The European Business and Finance program builds on economic theories taught at master's degree level at various colleges and focuses on training professionals in the areas of entrepreneurship, business and finance, particularly within the EU environment. The students acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills in international context, designed to ensure their success in managerial positions anywhere in the European Union. Graduates will have: - Theoretical and practical knowledge/skills in economics at the master's degree level. - Ability to solve problems and articulate solutions in the area of business, finance, economics and management. - International exposure and contacts. - Engineering Degree awarded jointly by three universities.

    Key learning outcomes:
    Graduates will gain knowledge and skills to carry out professionally and managerially challenging positions within businesses that operates mainly within the EU. Graduates of this program are able to analyze critically issues arising from business and finance processes and from business of international companies. They are able also to evaluate these processes and propose standard strategic and operational managerial, financial and business solutions obtained by theoretical study, practical knowledge and skills. Graduate understands to the basic legal, administrative and political processes in the EU by the acquisition of practical managerial skills in an environment of international companies


    Condition for admitting is obtaining a bachelor's degree and pass successfully the admission exam as well.

    Scholarships are granted subject to the current BUT Scholarship and Bursary Regulations

    Accommodation Scholarship

    A BUT student may receive an accommodation scholarship under Section 91, Paragraph 2, Letter d) of Act no. 111/1998 Coll. as amended, Article 2 of the Scholarship and Bursary Regulations and subject to the provisions set out by Rector's Directive no. 16/2008.

    The scholarship amount is set by the Rector three times a year. To apply for a scholarship a student needs to submit an electronic application (the MOJE STIPENDIA application) while completing an electronic form to create a scholarship account in the BUT Information System.

    Scholarship paydays:

    * 15th May for the January-to-May period
    * 15th September for the May-to-August period
    * 1st January for the September-to-December period of the preceding year

    Social Scholarship

    A student may also submit an electronic application for 1,620 CZK a month in social scholarship (under Section 91, Paragraph 3 of the Act no. 111/1998 and Rector's Directive no. 16/2008).

    The application must be accompanied by two documents:

    * certificate of earnings of all the jointly-considered family members up to 1.5 times the subsistence level
    * report of the receipt of a social security benefit child benefit or a list of social security benefits child benefit

    These documents should be submitted by the student to the study office of his or her faculty.

    The social scholarship paydays are identical with those of the accommodation scholarship. No social scholarship is paid for the months of July and August.

    Extraordinary Social Scholarship

    The Rector may grant extraordinary social scholarships to students experiencing a difficult period of life brought about by sudden changes in their or their family's life. Rules for granting such scholarships are stipulated by Rector's Decision no. 11/2009.

    Extraordinary scholarship granted by the Rector

    For activities carried out for the benefit of BUT, the Rector may, depending on the number of scholarships granted and the funding available, decide to pay a student a one-off scholarship-sum (under Article. 8, Paragraph 1 of the Scholarship and Bursary Regulations).

    Scholarships for study abroad

    Merit, company, and other scholarships

    All other scholarships are granted at the discretion of the deans of faculties and directors of university institutes.

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