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    The International Master in Sports Tourism Engineering (IMISTE) is the only Master in Europe which prepares specialists in sports tourism engineering though it is the fastest rising part of tourism in the world. It combines the experience and knowledge of 7 academic partners:

    * University of Health and Law Lille 2, France (coordinator)
    * Instituto Superior Da Maia, Porto, Portugal
    * University of Thessaly, Greece
    * University "Alexandru Ioan Cuza", Iasi, Romania
    * University of Craiova, Romania
    * Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic
    * Canisius College, USA

    International Master in Sports Tourism Engineering (IMISTE) doesn´t only prepare high level technicians but introduces an ethical dimension of the sports tourism question. This point is essential because, if researches and conferences concerning "sport and environment" or "tourism and environment" or "tourism and sustainable development" are numerous, real qualification and awareness on those topics have not really been introduced in the existing training courses. The IMISTE will give importance to those topics, environmental and human.

    International Master in Sports Tourism Engineering (IMISTE) ensures a unique comparative view of practice and theory. The fourth semester is dedicated to practical training at international level. The IMISTE master offers a large network of professional partners.

    The integrated 120 ECTS IMISTE Course offers a study programme resulting with issue of 2 national Masters degrees to all successful students, as well as diploma supplements.

    Graduates should be prepared to work at key position in the development of sports tourism facilities projects, able to estimate the financial risk, to prepare and valuate the economic, environmental and social effects of a project.

    The outcomes of IMISTE:

    * A high quality pedagogical training which means:
    * A teaching program fitting to the aim: to train international sport tourism specialists ;
    * To get in touch with high level teachers and professionals in sports tourism ;

    * Various academic papers and articles that will be of interest to the sports tourism academic and business communities thank to the International Research Network in Sports Tourism (IRNIST) which will be in link with this master.

    Semestre 1 : Lille
    Intensive English during the 2 first weeks of September or intensive French

    Semestre 2 : ISMAI

    Semester 3: choice between the other universities member of the consortium

    Semester 3 Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

    Semester 3 University of Craiova, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

    Semestre 3 University ''Alexandru Ioan Cuza'' of Iasi, ROMANIA

    Semestre 3 University of Thessaly, GREECE

    Semestre 4

    France requirements for international students

    France propose a world-class higher education institutions in an international environment. The application process for international students is exactly the same as it is for french students but it's indispensable to contact with a platform “Etude in France” and the regional department of “Campus France” (a public institution in charge of promoting higher education and managing the reception and international mobility of students).

    Higher education is thus provided by two main types of institution: universities and "grandes écoles". «Grandes écoles» are the most reputable of the French education system. To win admission students get in by competitive examination, the institutions are relatively small, and classes in them small too. French universities are open to all “bacheliers”, or a student whom has passed their baccalaureate, and it's also easier to apply for the university program. 

    It is necessary to point out that the European local or an international student have to complete the application process in its entirety,  as well as submit all documentation at the time of submission so the procces suit to the ground for the students all over the world. Students are eligible for grants and other financial assistance from the governement to support study in France.


    The Master Courses are open to students graduated in the European Union as well as to third-country students.The IMISTE Consortium has developed a common set of admission criteria on a competitive basis. Admission requires: * high quality Bachelor´s degree or the equivalent (180 credits) in an appropriate field of study * proof of a high proficiency in English; * strong personal statement of motivation; * good recommendations from two academic references; * CV.No special conditions will be applied to third-country students. The admission criteria and application procedures will be the same as for European students, but places will be reserved for them each year by the Consortium.
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