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  • English
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  • 30 9月 2016
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  • 435pts.
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  • 24 月


    There is only one global world and market out there, and we are all part of it. Most firms are going international, we as consumers are becoming more and more "glocal," and the majority of us are communicating globally on a daily basis. These are only a few of the reasons we need to learn more about today´s international business and institutional developments, changes in the global environment, resources, and strategies, which can make us more competitive - as firms or managers - in a global business world. These dynamic environments with intense competition and fast-paced technological developments compel all of us to acquire new knowledge and skills necessary for companies´ international growth and development. As such, the programme gives students insights into various "must know" areas such as the dynamics of the international environment, international business, international marketing and management, risk management, strategic development, financing, logistics, and other areas and processes in international operations.
    The main concept underpinning this programme encompasses matching insights from both Slovenian and international instructors, a wide range of teaching methods involving interactive activities, and a case-study approach. Top and middle managers also share their knowledge and experience with students and thus make theory quickly transferable to practice. During the course of the programme students carry out different projects dealing with problems of actual companies using various analytical techniques.


    1. year

    1. semester

    * *Economic Policies of the EU
    * Research Methods and Techniques
    * *Organization and management
    * Managerial Economics

    2. semester

    * International Business Environment
    * Strategic Management 2
    * **International Business Logistics
    * **Risk Management in International Business
    * Elective course

    2. year

    3. semester

    * Transnational Management
    * Marketing on Regional Markets

    4. semester

    * **International Competitiveness: Concepts and Analytical Approaches
    * **Consumer Behavior in Global Economy
    * Elective course

    *student selects one of the two offered obligatory courses
    **student selects one of the two offered obligatory courses


    The admission requirements are: * Bachelor´s degree * Transcript of records from bachelor´s programme * Certificate of advanced English language skills or certificate of a completed English-language bachelor´s programme * Completed application form * Letter of motivation (1.000 - 1.500 words)
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