Universite de Montpellier II
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  • 選択可能なプログラム: 1 Master
  • 学生総数: 45000
  • Frgn. Students: 7200
  • 教授総数: 4618
  • 教育タイプ: 1 直接教授
  • 教授言語: English
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Created in 2015 through the merger of University Montpellier 1 and University Montpelliier 2, the University of Montpellier (UM) draws from the excellence and synergy of these two institutions.

It is reminiscent of the multi-disciplinary approach taken by the first university established in Montpellier in 1289 as a secular and international university. For eight centuries, renowned scholars and scientists, from Rabelais and Curie, to Renaudot, Chaptal and Grothendieck, have been shaping this open university. It is deeply embedded into the life of the city and committed to the key challenges of its time.

Today, the University of Montpellier brings together an extensive community of knowledge, from science, technology, medicine and environmental sciences, to educational sciences, economics, management, law and political science. It is involved in a strategic global initiative aiming at making Montpellier one of the European capitals for Health and Agro-environment.

  • 45,000 students
  • 16% of international students
  • 4,618 staff members (number of employees)
  • 2,300 Faculty staff
  • 1,800 PhD students (50% from abroad)
  • 3000 scientific publications
  • 586 patent families
  • 500,000 m2 University property area
  • About 7,000 international students
  • More than 1,300 outgoing students
  • 130 nationalities represented
  • 70 mobility destinations in the 5 continents

France requirements for international students

France propose a world-class higher education institutions in an international environment. The application process for international students is exactly the same as it is for french students but it's indispensable to contact with a platform “Etude in France” and the regional department of “Campus France” (a public institution in charge of promoting higher education and managing the reception and international mobility of students).

Higher education is thus provided by two main types of institution: universities and "grandes écoles". «Grandes écoles» are the most reputable of the French education system. To win admission students get in by competitive examination, the institutions are relatively small, and classes in them small too. French universities are open to all “bacheliers”, or a student whom has passed their baccalaureate, and it's also easier to apply for the university program. 

It is necessary to point out that the European local or an international student have to complete the application process in its entirety,  as well as submit all documentation at the time of submission so the procces suit to the ground for the students all over the world. Students are eligible for grants and other financial assistance from the governement to support study in France.

A multi-site university

Located right at the heart of Montpellier, UM’s various sites advocate a university life that is fully integrated in the urban fabric. All sites are located near Tramway 1 line and 4 line and form a real campus network.

Ranking as the 2nd French city where it is pleasant to study, Montpellier enjoys exceptional advantages: 300 days of sun per year, easy access to the sea (15 minutes’ drive) and France’s largest pedestrian city centre.

Optimal studying and working conditions

A community outreach network has been set up to make university life as easy as possible. Offices for information, integration and career guidance services, international relations, physical and sports activities as well as preventive medicine and health promotion allow for proximity within the university community.

Dynamic, independent student life

UM provides its students with premises for recreation and socializing: the Maisons des étudiants (student centers) are run by students, for students, and provide space for exchange and creation.

The University also organizes cultural events (concerts, conferences, film screening, exhibitions) and promotes artistic production (recording studios, workshops and more).

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  • International students: $ 8.86k / Year
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